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How to bypass Google Drive limit:

Since Google Drive is the home to backup files and folders in the cloud. All of us use to upload, download and share files with our family, friends, clients or in public. If you’ve been using for a while now, you have probably experienced this error. Which says; Download Quota Exceeded or sorry you can’t view or download this file at this time.

What This Error Means

Generally, everyone is free to upload, download and share files with friends, or out of your friends with a large number of people, with that quotas remain in effect with limit availability. For instance, if a large amount of users downloads a file you’ve shared with, the file will be blocked when the availability limit reaches. The reason because, Google wants to minimize abuse. However, if a huge amount of users views or downloads a file, the file may be locked for a 24 hour period before the quota is reset. The period the file is locked may be shorter if the file doesn’t continue receiving high traffic. In case, if the file is particularly popular or way important that receives heavy views or downloads, it may take days or even longer before you manage to download it. Haven’t heard before? That’s because Google doesn’t mention it anywhere. I’ll guide you how to bypass Google Drive download limit error (Quota Exceeded for this file), let’s jump into it.

Bypass Google Drive Download Limit Error


Before you get started, at first, navigate to Google Drive and sign in if you already aren’t signed in.  Once you’re there, you’re good to go.


Tip: for the correct operation of the tutorial you need an empty google drive account, and if you can’t do it correctly I recommend  you to trying with another browser.


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